Funding the Commons

Funding the Commons

💸 You can now donate on!

It’s been months of research, design, development, and fundraising to see this happen and we are thrilled and honored that you are embarking on this journey with us. Donations are finally open at 

🗓 14 days to change how we support OSS

FundOSS bridges that divide through a process we're calling Democratic Funding. In Democratic Fudning every single donation, no matter how small, counts as a vote toward a project for matching. As it stands we're matching 5x the average donation by value!

🛒 Fill your cart with your favourite projects

Democratic Funding treats every donation as a vote for the matching fund, so we made it easy to add projects to your cart and support them all with in one checkout. We recommend projects that you might not have heard about, working in a similar domain to those you have, so you can find (and support) them. 

🤯 $20,000 of support in the first 24 hours

We soft-launched on 10th June at midday UTC. Since then we have seen over 300 of you donate over $3,000, which is estiamted to draw a further ~$16,000 dollars from the matching pool. We're approaching $20,000 of support in under 24 hours and couldn't be happier!

📣 Support and share

The key to Democratic Funding is broard participation. We need you to contribute and share FundOSS, so we've built opportunities to do so at every turn. Share your favourite project or your personal cart of projects that you've supported, so that others can support them too.

🥤 Join us at the launch party 

FundOSS is hosting an open mic session on Friday 11th at 9AM PST (4pm UTC) for representatives to talk about their projects, their work and why they're excited to take part in FundOSS. Talks will be lightning format around 3 minutes in length.  Sign up for the launch event on Airmeet.

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