Get ready to FUND OSS

On June 10th we'll be piloting a new way to fund your favourite open source software... and we need you to make it work.

$75,.000 & A Brand New Way To Sustain Open Source

This is your chance to 10x your support.

There’s a disconnect between those who build upon and collaborate within open source, and those in a position to provide significant financial support. FundOSS bridges the gap through a process we’re calling Democratic Funding.

With Democratic Funding every donation is also treated as a vote for a project. We allocate funds from a large matching pool on top of your donations. In many cases the total matched can be 10x or even 100x the amount you donated.

For many this is the most significant impact on open source you can have as an individual.

Democratic Funding has proven incredibly successful. GitCoin Grants has raised over $6m for open source development within the Ethereum toolchain. Downtown Stimulus raised thousands for businesses affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in Boulder, CO.

We have the support. We know the model works. We just need you.

We’ve selected 60 projects to participate in the first round of funding. We've raised $75,000 dollars from Sustain OSS, GitCoin, Synthetix and others to match-fund donations from participants during a two-week fundraising drive.

Join us between June 10th and 24th to celebrate and support open source.

On June 10th we'll be launching the first FundOSS funding round at  from there you can browse the projects, celebrate and chat in our project slack and share the projects you backed during the campaign.

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We hope you're as excited as we are about FundOSS and we're looking forward to this being the first round of many over the coming years, so if there’s a project you’d love to support with FundOSS reach out to them and ask them to register for future rounds. Similarly if there’s a corporate partner you think would love to contribute to the matching fund then please introduce us or encourage them to donate.

See you in a few, short weeks!

The FundOSS team