How to FundOSS

A week today FundOSS will be introducing a new way to support open source software. But how will it work?


You can donate to over 60 projects that are participating in the first FundOSS round between 10th and 24th of June at At the end of the round a matching fund of $75,000 will be allocated depending on the frequency and volume of donations across the round. Join us on 11th June for our launch event.

Round, round get around...

FundOSS operates at a regular cadence we're calling rounds. Each round we accept applications from projects in the free and open source ecosystem who are looking for financial support for their work. We then raise a round of funding from sponsors and partners to form our matching pool, and then, for two weeks we invite you to contribute at  

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Join us at between 10th and 24th June

For our first round we have raised $75,000 from Sustain, Open Collective, GitCoin and Synthetix which will be used to match your contributions, not 1:1, nor 2:1 but maybe five, ten or twenty times...

Matchy matchy

Matching funds aren't anything new, but how FundOSS allocates funds from the matching pool is. We've re-appropriated the model popularised by GitCoin Grants — now in it's 9th round, having provided $11m of financial support to projects in their community. We're calling it Democratic Funding.

With Democratic Funding each contribution is treated as a signal for the matching fund. At the end of the round the matching fund is allocated to projects, with more weight given to project with a high frequncy of contributons rather than a single, large contributor that dominates the round.

With each contribution we'll show you the estimated match based on the current state of the round, at the end of the round we'll contact you to let you know what impact your contribution had and how much of the matching fund was allocated to the projects you supported:

We'll estimate the matching amount when you contribute, then let you know at the end of the round what impact your conribution had. 

Find your gateway project...

We're starting small, but with over 60 projects to choose from we thought you'd need a little help. So you can search project names and descriptions to find something you might be interested in supporting right from the homepage:

Searching for 'open source' on the open page.
Find a project that resonates with you using our search.

... Then fill your boots!

The key characteristic of Democratic Funding is that small contributions can have an outsized impact. This is why we've built FundOSS' cart system, so you can fill it with all your favourite projects and contribute to them in one checkout.  And we've  grouped like projects, so you can find projects that are similar to those that you're looking at, or that are in your cart:

Image of a cart showing Zrythm, with a recomendation to add Libretime, a radio and broadcast automation project.
Support an open digital audio workstation? Maybe you want to support some radio broadcasting projects too...

Share and sharealike

Democratic Funding is very suitably named. Without broad participation the model begins to lose it's magic, which is why we've built as many prompts and mechanisms for you to share your favourite projects, your personalised carts and your previous donations with your friends, relatives and pets:

Page showing Zach Herring has backed 4 awesome collectives. Buttons say 'add 4 collectives to my cart' and 'more collectives on'
Share your selection and add others' choices to your cart quickly and easily.

Join us for Chill n Shill on 11th June at 4pm UTC

If you're inspired, excited or just curious to find out more join us for our 'Chill n Shill' launch event at 4pm UTC on Friday 11th June where you can find out a little more about FundOSS and hear from participating projects:

Join us at 4pm UTC on Friday 11th June for our Chill n Shill event.