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KeeWeb is a free, open-source password manager compatible with KeePass. The goal of the project is to have a free password manager with polished design that works right in your browser without the need to install anything.

Free and Open

The freedom of KeeWeb can be seen from different angles:

  • the app is free (gratis) and will always remain free, at least for personal use;
  • as well as it is and will be ad-free;
  • KDBX format used in KeeWeb is a well-known format recognized by a lot of apps, there's absolutely no vendor lock-in;
  • you don't have to install anything to run KeeWeb, just go to;
  • it's built on web technologies, which makes it possible to modify the app with custom CSS and JavaScript, KeeWeb provides plugin API for that;
  • the source code is available on GitHub, check it out to understand what happens inside your password manager;
  • KeeWeb can be easily self-hosted in a number of ways;
  • last but not least, the code is provided under a liberal MIT license, so that other developers can build their apps based on technologies used in KeeWeb.

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Where does the money go?

KeeWeb is a hobby project, there's no organization or person working on it full-time. There is no plan to have any kind of paid subscription or annoying ads in the app. However there are some costs involved, such as:
  • code signing certificates for Windows and macOS;
  • website hosting;
  • domain names;
  • resources for testing the app on different platforms;
  • licenses for software used to create KeeWeb;
  • hardware tokens for storing private keys;
  • researching alternatives available on the market;
  • time spent on answering questions, providing support, debugging, reviewing code, and so on.
Additionally, every donation helps keeping the motivation so that the project continues to exist.


Short-term goals:
  • cover all costs of building the project and keeping it up-to-date;
  • have an active Apple Developer account to update the certificates;
  • upgrade the hosting solution;
  • allocate more time for the project.
Mid-term goals:
  • conduct an external security audit;
  • develop an app for iOS and Android.
Long-term goals:
  • have a full-time maintainer;
  • build an enterprise solution.


You can also sponsor the project on GitHub if you like it more.


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