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Kendraio is a nonprofit interoperability advocacy initiative. Our mission is to empower individuals through the benefits that come from increased interoperability and a culture of data-sharing.

Kendraio App is a low-code bi-directional data-browser dashboard application that helps artists and their teams manage the services they use, from social media to royalty data. By using APIs we can pull data from multiple sources into Kendraio App where artists and their team can combine, display, and analyse it exactly how it suits their needs. 

Our current focus is on the creative industries, specifically the music industry, but the benefits and transformative attributes of interoperability apply to all areas of public and personal life. Access to large amounts of high-quality data empowers individuals, businesses and governments to make better decisions more quickly and more efficiently. This creates better legislation, products, as well as a more informed population and these things, in turn, lead to healthier economies and better quality of life.
We are coding reference implementations of dashboard applications enabling artists/bands/managers/labels to manage their assets and associated rights.


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