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OpenProducer is built on Newspack, an advanced open source publishing and revenue-generating platform for news organizations. Rather than starting from scratch, we are mixing in additional functionality for radio stations, podcasters, and other types of media makers.

Gus Austin, a seasoned site builder and enabler for creatives, pulled together the founder of Radio Station by Netmix, Tony Zeoli and Radio Station's Lead Developer, Tony Hayes, to collaborate on building a stack similar to and including Newspack. Stations and other types of media organizations would receive all the tools they need to build, manage, monetize, and broadcast with WordPress, the leading open source content management system. With over 59% of all installed content management systems globally, WordPress powers over 35% of all websites.


Thanks to Newspack and the teams behind Radio Station and The Events Calendar, the following features are already included or available as an integration/add-on feature.

Mobile-First Design Tools
Responsive, mobile-first theme
Upload graphics and pick-color schemes
Choose page layouts and style elements

Interactive playlists
Program & spot scheduling
Live streaming
Listener statistics and reporting

Calendar month view with tooltips
Event list view
Day view
Event page
Venues page
Organizers page

Per-program crowdfunding
One-click donations

Audience Engagement
Newsletter management
Signup form and widget
Easy import/export contacts and mailing lists
Planning for live events
Create incentives such as exclusive site access

Revenue Development
Enable Ads from providers like Google AdSense and WordAds
Accept payments and donations
Integrate/embed providers like Patreon, Kickstarter, and Open Collective
Easy online store creation

Search Engine Optimization
Integrations with voice-activated search partners
Plan and manage onsite SEO
Schema-optimized metadata

How your generous contributions are spent

Your contributions will allow OpenProducer’s core team to bundle all preceding features into a turnkey solution for media makers and into a freely available open source platform. Your support allows the team to continuously update, maintain, and bolster the project for dependability.


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